StarBoard Design StarBoard Design

Specializing in rapid, effective, analog and mixed-signal electronic design
Here are some examples of work done by StarBoard principals:
1.76Mb/s MSK Baseband Signal Generator 1.76Gb/s MSK Baseband Test Signal Generator
  • Designed as test and demo platform for customer's RFIC
  • Modular Verilog code may be used as basis for end-customer designs
  • Based on low-cost Xilinx Spartan FPGA
  • Custom FMC adapter card with filters & attenuators designed, laid-out, fabricated & assembled by StarBoard
  • Provides quadrature I & Q references in addition to quadrature data signals
  • Data timing adjustable at build time to within ~40ps to account for filter delays
  • Data pattern selectable between LFSR pseudo-random sequence and several simpler patterns
PCIe/104 FPGA Card FPGA Logic, Windows Driver, and Software Libraries for PCIe/104 FPGA Card
  • Scatter/gather DMA engine for high sustained bandwidth
  • User logic interfaces to any number of simple streaming channels
  • Independent FIFOs for each channel and each direction
  • Based on Xilinx Virtex-5 LX FPGA
  • Simple block-based API on host
  • Host code has independent access to each user-FIFO on the FPGA
  • Drivers for XP, Vista, Win7, Server-2003, Server-2008, all 32bit or 64bit
  • Host can download new FPGA configurations as needed, without rebooting
  • Highly customizable to match user logic requirements
800V Linear Amplifier Custom 800V Discrete Linear Amplifier
  • Class-B for very low quiescent power, 1/15 the power of some competing integrated solutions
  • Intended for large capacitive loads such as CILAS deformable mirrors
  • Adjustable current limit so as not to exceed actuator slew-rate limits
  • Output short-circuit tolerant (depending on current-limit setting)
  • Single current-limit setting may be shared among many independent channels
  • Low crossover distortion
  • Announced at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes+Instrumentation, July 2012, Amsterdam
  • Low cost compared to integrated modules
HV MEMS Driver w/ 2.5Gb/s serial I/O 140-channel High-Speed HV MEMS Driver System
  • Evolution of 140-channel USB-based Driver (below)
  • 2.5Gb/s Single-lane Serial Interface through Infiniband-style connector
  • Uses Altera ArriaGX FPGA
  • Serial interface compatible with Xilinx' Aurora Core
  • >400kHz Update Rate
  • <4usec latency including serial link, 1st-word in to last DAC updated
  • Schematic, Firmware, and Test pattern Generator designed by StarBoard
High-connectivity DSP/FPGA Board High-connectivity DSP/FPGA Board
  • TIM-format Module
  • 1GHz TI DSP
  • 64b Memory Interface
  • Large FPGA
  • 2x S-ATA Interfaces
  • Schematic and PCB redesign of existing board to add features
  • Developed all manufacturing and acceptance tests
  • Developed standard FPGA code
  • Assembly managed by StarBoard
32-channel HV MEMS Driver 32-channel High-Voltage MEMS Driver System
  • Designed Custom Adjustable Low-cost 300V DC/DC Converter
  • High-speed USB Interface
FPGA IP Development Custom FPGA IP Developments (many projects)
  • Multi-channel FFT with high-resolution FIR prefilter
  • Custom multi-pulse auto-correlation & averaging processing for LIDAR
  • Serial-Front-Panel Data Port Module
  • New family of intra-board and inter-board FPGA/DSP communications channels
  • Most modules are parameterized to facilitate reuse
  • Development in VHDL or Verilog
  • Can support any Xilinx or Altera FPGAs: Spartan, Virtex, Cyclone, Arria, Stratix
  • Testbenches always included
160-channel High-Voltage MEMS driver 140-channel High-Voltage MEMS Driver System
  • High-speed USB 2.0 interface to host PC
  • Provided schematic design, FPGA development, initial unit bringup
  • Uses custom HVA modules (below)
Custom High-voltage Amplifier Custom Low-cost High-voltage Amplifier
  • 32 channels per small plug-in card
  • 300V range
  • 30kHz bandwidth
  • Stable with pure-capacitive load
  • Much cheaper alternative to integrated multi-channel HVAs
4k-channel High-Voltage MEMS driver Data interface board for 4k-channel high-voltage MEMS driver
  • Fast parallel interface to host PC
  • Dual FPGAs format data for up to 128 multi-channel DACs
  • Configurable for different array sizes & system configurations
  • Auxiliary USB control/data interface
  • Provided schematic design, FPGA development, PCB layout, and microcontroller monitor code
Multi-Sensor USB Camera System Multi-Sensor USB Camera System
  • Used for portable biometrics application
  • Turn-key project from initial specification to delivery of complete board sets and software
  • Supports 2 or 3 CMOS Mono & Color Sensors with high-speed serial data interface
  • Processing & data handling provided by Altera FPGA
  • USB High Speed interface to Host PC
High-throughput DSP/FPGA Board High-throughput DSP/FPGA Board
  • Quick-turn redesign of existing non-functional board
  • PMC-format Module
  • Dual TI 1GHz DSPs
  • Xilinx Virtex2-Pro FPGA
  • 64bit 66MHz PCI interface
  • 16 lanes of Multi-Gigabit Transceivers
  • Conduction-cooled PrPMC / XMC format
  • Provided schematics, CPLD & FPGA code, low-level PCI support in C
  • Provided test code & procedures
Avalanche Photodetector Board Avalanche Photodetector Board
  • Detector for high-speed pulse-power measurements
  • Identified candidate APD suppliers, correlated disparate datasheet info
  • Analyzed filter topologies for high SNR
  • Laid-out PCB to meet strict customer mechanical requirements
  • Sourced bare PCBs
  • Tested noise, bandwidth, pulse response of completed assemblies
CoDec Development Board Digital Audio Power-CoDec Development
  • From specification to initial demonstration in two weeks
  • StarBoard provided full Verilog code plus testbench
  • Based on Spartan-3 FPGA and integrated 12-FET output stage
ASIC Sample Board Custom Audio Power ASIC Sample Board
  • 4-layer and 2-layer reference designs for direct integration by customers
  • Allows demonstration/experimentation with different configurations by simple jumper selection
  • Accomodates multiple component packages in key positions
DSP Board Schematic PDR-level system design for a low-power multi-DSP + multi-FPGA VME/PMC board set
  • Full power analysis
  • Top-level design and I/O allocation for two high-end Xilinx FPGAs
  • Netlist generated for preliminary board layout and mechanical design
  • Included support for customer meetings
  • Met highly compressed schedule
360-degree Camera Consumer 360-degree Camera System
  • Provided production-ready schematics, HDL, and prototype hardware
  • Single-DSP (analog-video output) and dual-DSP (1394 interface) versions
DSP Eval/Demo Custom DSP Development / Demonstration / Characterization Platform
  • Interchangable DSP daughtercards
  • 400Mbit/s IEEE1394 interface to PC
  • Configurable FPGA interfaces to DSP I/O
  • Programmable core voltage
  • SDR and DDR SDRAM support
DSP Design Specification, Verilog RTL development and verification for I/O modules of a new DSP family
  • High-speed video input and output ports
  • Selectable master/slave host port
  • PLL-based clock control
  • Embedded bus monitor
  • General-purpose I/O
DSP FPGA Proto Demonstration of new DSP architecture
  • Based on 1.5M Gate equivalent Altera FPGA
  • USB interface to PC
  • Extensive debugging features
  • RS-422 Interface to external CCD camera
  • Firmware and Windows DLL included
Three unique vision-based process controls for flat-glass manufacturing
  • Flow tracking inside the melt tank
  • Width measurement inside the tin bath
  • High-accuracy width and knurl tracking immediately after the tin bath (linescan camera)
  • All projects included camera and processing specification, algorithm development, PC-based software, documentation, and customer training
  • Custom camera modifications were made as needed
Custom CCD Camera Full-Custom Camera for Adaptive-Optics-Based Astronomy
  • 4-output backside-illuminated CCD array
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • 128 x 128 pixel resolution
  • 2,000 Frames per second
  • Less than 10 electrons noise
  • 12-bit resolution, 11-bit dynamic range
Industrial Camera Industrial high-speed CCD camera
  • 4-output array
  • 256 x 256 pixel resolution
  • 15 - 1,000 Frames per second
  • 32-bit digital output
NIR Camera Quick-turn demonstration platform for new InGaAs Near-IR sensors